Instead of pictures

In order to celebrate the new year, we had friends over. Our table was nicely set. There were candles. There was a white table cloth. There was a beautiful honey bowl, that I just got from friends. There were self-baked, round challot. There were apples, and pomegranates, and other symbolic foods in our most beautiful […]

A-Z challenge

I finally decided. After thinking about restarting my blogging efforts – and thinking… and thinking… – for months now, I decided to join a challenge for the month April. It is my first time doing a month long challenge. Of course Pesach is coming up this month, and so I will have lots of excuses […]

Course part1

Today was the fourth day of a five day course. And I mean, an eight-hours-a-day five day course. The course is called ‘negotiating’. And I am exhausted. I won’t even mention the fact that the library is closed this week and that I really needed to sleep late and have some fun… In Israel we […]

Bus story

I use public transport. I used it when I was new in the country, and took the 4H to the university every morning. It was summer, my first in Israel and one of the hottest summers I remember. The number of the bus was 4 aleph, but since the Hebrew letter aleph slightly resembles a […]