Cat diary

I just read a mean cat diary on facebook, clearly from a dog lover/cat hater. I know many people who love both – cats and dogs – and equally. So I had to write a diary entree for my own cat.

Friday May 9

I was very unhappy tonight. I am used to being banned from the bedroom when my people sleep. I do miss the good old times when my Mother would let me sleep on her bed. Since we moved and she lets this Big Scary Man sleep in the bed, I am not welcome any more. I tried to get used to him by walking over him when he was sleeping. I would like to sit on him, he has this big comfortable looking stomach. But he does not let me when he is awake. So I tried when he was asleep. Apparently he did not like that either. So I am not allowed in the bedroom anymore when they are in the bed. I make up for it by being on the bed most of the day. This Man does not like me, and that bothers me. I try to sit on the places where he sits (when he is not there) whenever I can. I feel somehow more part of the family when I can be as close to him as possible.

But tonight it was especially hard to be banned. My Mother disappeared for a few days and I had to be quiet and try to not be in ‘his’ way. I missed my Mother terribly. Then, when she finally came back, she did not have time for me to sit on her. She hardly looked at me. I was afraid she does not love me anymore. When she finally woke up this morning, I waited for my opportunity. She sat down at the computer! Finally I am on her lap. I don’t sleep. I just meditate, and look around, and make her feel I need her. She has not gone away for hours. I hope to keep it that way… Oy! Her legs feel like she wants to get up. No! I know that resistance is futile, but I still try to make her understand I don’t like her to go, with little bites and small scratches of my nails against her arms. Why does she always have to move?



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