Ten things of thankful

So the month of April passed, and the A-Z challenge is officially done. While I still have some letters left that I did not blog about, I did enjoy the challenge. I enjoyed visiting other blogs and am amazed there is so much out there. There are so many interesting people out there that have so many interesting things to say. I try very hard to keep up reading my new blogfriends’ posts, not always successfully, and acquired a renewed taste for saying my own thing too.  I have two different jobs, one seasonal and one all year but half time, and last week, when I tried to combine the two, I had hardly time to breathe, let alone read, let alone write. Today I happily used the Shabbat to rest, and tonight I read a few blogs and decided to join the ‘Ten things of thankful’ challenge. One of the things I could use some work on is to become more positive in life. Though I see myself as a person with an overall positive outlook on life, I tend to be a lot quicker to notice  whatever I am missing than what I do have.

So here is my list of things that I am thankful for tonight:

1. Shabbat. And especially this Shabbat. I was not supposed to be free this Shabbat. I had been working last Shabbat too, and then the whole week non-stop. I believe one should not work on Shabbat, but sometimes circumstances ‘force’ me (or I am too weak to stand up to them). Working with Christian tourists, I was supposed to be free on Sunday. Being free on Sunday in Israel is like being free on Monday in Holland: everybody is working, traffic is busy, outside my window they are working on a new road. I had the courage to inquire if maybe they could do without me this Shabbat, and it turned out I could be missed. So I had a quiet, lazy day with my husband.

2. My husband. I have been single till six years ago, and am still amazed how lucky I am to have found a husband, and one I get along so well with.

3. My seasonal job. I work with tourists, guiding them around Israel, and I love, love, love to do it. After nearly 10 years of doing it (part time) I am slowly getting more confidence and a better feeling about my performance. And the more I do it, the more I love it.

4. The freedom I have to combine my two jobs. It is not always easy, and causes a lot of stress in high season. But I’m so thankful I can do it.

5. My granddaughter. I don’t have children, and have always hoped I would. When I met my husband, he had an adult daughter, and after we got married she became a mommy. I am graciously allowed to be called a grandmother and very thankful for that, though she lives on the other side of the ocean. We are going to see her soon!

6. Enough energy. As I said, last week was very full, and there were days that I worked more than 12 hours, not even having much time to eat without interruption. I didn’t have much energy left in the evenings, but I did manage to do a good job, and be in a good mood, every day.

7. My own place. After having spent most of last week in hotels, it is so good to be back in my own house. It doesn’t get automatically cleaned, but it is home.

8. Sleep. I did not sleep so well due to all the stress of guiding, and I am looking forward to going to sleep tonight (and I am a night person!).

9. My smartphone. I only have had it for half a year, and life has become so much easier, especially on the road.

10. Faith. I don’t blog about it very often, but it is a very important part of my life.


Ten Things of Thankful




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