Q is for quitting – but I don’t want to do that :)

This is the seventeenth post in the A-Z challenge (or it will be when I write some more…)


I was doing great with this A-Z challenge in the beginning. I was doing ok in the middle. And then holidays and exhaustion hit me, lack of ideas and perfectionism got the better of me and I am far behind. So far, that it is tempting to give up. But I don’t want to do that!

One thing that I learned in my life in Israel is that quitting is never a good idea. I did quit some things, but mostly I hung on despite difficulties. Living in Israel is good, but never easy. I often thought that the easier way would be to go home and start living a ‘normal’ life. But I never had peace with that solution. So I stayed. And I am glad I did.

So I am not quitting this challenge either, despite being behind and despite seeing a very busy few weeks in front of me. I am going to slowly add posts to this challenge. I might not be completely done at the end of the month. But then, I might. And if I am not, well, what is against continuing in May?

So here is my post for day Q, with a motivational Quote…



4 thoughts on “Q is for quitting – but I don’t want to do that :)

  1. Last year I had such clever historically based posts, I used a blog on Tumblr … it felt overwhelming, this year I went fun/short/varied and the intention is to visit as many bloggers as possible…it has thus far been very doable and a blast … so don’t quit… enjoy #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ ღ ☼ Light ☼ visiting from
    4covert2overt ~ A Day in the Spotlight

    • Thanks for visiting, Maria Catalina! I think you are right, I find it difficult to keep to my self imposed theme and spend way too much time pondering instead of writing and visiting. Still enjoying the general activity though, and next year I probably won’t pin myself to a theme.

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