This post is the fourth in a series about 25 years living in Israel.


Now, after 25 years, I can say that  living in Israel is the fulfilling of one of my dreams. And it is. But I could not have said that 25 years ago.

I never dreamed to be in Israel. In the time I have lived here, I have met many people who did dream about being in Israel long before they arrived here. Some of them fulfilled their dream and are still here. Others had a dream, and came for a while, but for some reason or other were forced to give up on their dream. Yet others still have that dream, but have never been able to get here.

I feel privileged to live that dream. And it makes me humble to think I am living a dream I did not even dream until it was happening.

I also have met people who would not want to live here for anything. I have met people who dreamed to live here, came and found out that their dream and the reality of living here were not the same. I am thankful my adventure turned out the way it did!

I had another dream. For a long time it did not seem to happen. While my dream of spending my life in Israel, when I started to dream it, seemed quite impossible and I resigned myself to that, my other dream never seemed impossible to me. Yet, it did not happen. It made me desperate and unhappy, though I knew that would not make it happen either.

I was not the only one with that dream. And I knew not everyone with that dream will see it happen. But I knew I needed it to happen to me…

That dream came true, too. It was late in coming, but six years ago I met the man who would become my husband.

Strangely, the fulfillment of the second dream made the fulfillment of the first dream possible too. Through my marriage I became a resident of Israel.

There are other dreams in my life. Some are fading, others are just starting to become a dream. Some have to be put aside, others have to be actively pursued.

What about you? Do you have dreams? Did you realize a dream you had for a long time?



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