Au pair

This post is the first in a series about 25 years living in Israel.

I am frustrated. Even when I prepare, my preparations many times end up in the garbage bin. Like this time. Thinking about the A-Z challenge I tried to decide on a subject for each day ahead of time and start writing some of them. I write best in a bus, as readers of this blog already know. Since I have a long commute (between 45 minutes and an hour) to work, I can write whole drafts on my iPod touch and later upload them to the site. Or so I thought…

Well, the application I use refuses to participate in my plan. I wrote half a blog for today but it is unreachable. It doesn’t want to upload to the internet. And I don’t know why that is or how to fix it. It used to work.

But I am used to it. I fly best by the seat of my pants, anyway. Like when that time, 25 years ago, when I decided to be an au pair in Israel. Take that word ‘decided’ lightly. I applied on a whim, filled in the questionnaire thinking ‘they probably won’t want me anyway’, and forgot all about it. Until, months later, I got a phone call from a public phone booth in Jerusalem. I know where that phone booth is now (or used to be anyway, the number of public phone booths has drastically declined in the last 25 years), and it is a mind-boggling thought that that phone call,  from a noisy, busy street corner in Jerusalem, changed my life. When I picked up the phone, a woman’s voice, accompanied by traffic noises, said: “I am calling from Jerusalem. When can you come?” And so I came. I spent my first nine months in Jerusalem being the au pair, the live-in nanny, of one year and a half old twins and their big three year old brother.


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