We start tomorrow! My theme.

I am an all or nothing person. I can go for months without energy, without any wish to write or ideas what to write about. Then, a challenge comes along, I decide to take it and I want to take the challenge for the three blogs I write.
Yes, I write three blogs. Or, ummm … I intend to write them. From the frequency of the blog posts it is easy to see that that does not always happen (to say it in a very kind way)! Not long ago I would have said I write two blogs, because I completely forgot I had that third one. Imagine my surprise when I found it back during a google search! I was actually thinking about starting a blog like that, and there it was.
Why three blogs? I hate to say it but I can never decide what my blog is about. One day I feel I should have a blog about touring Israel. Or at least about Israel, somehow. Another day I know that I only can talk about myself (and who cares about that?). The third day I have inspiration to write in Dutch, and need another blog for that.
So here I am. I just wrote my first ‘challenge’ blog in Dutch. I sit in front of my computer all hyped up and ready to write 26 blog posts three times over. But I know this energy won’t last. Maybe I won’t be able to do it. I do have a theme for this blog though. Since I have lived in Jerusalem for 25 years, I will try to blog about those 25 years. I hope you will enjoy it.




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