A-Z challenge

I finally decided. After thinking about restarting my blogging efforts – and thinking… and thinking… – for months now, I decided to join a challenge for the month April. It is my first time doing a month long challenge. Of course Pesach is coming up this month, and so I will have lots of excuses for not writing. But if I manage only half, that is fine with me too! My main goal is to start writing again.

Officially, we are supposed to write 26 blogs, one for each letter of the alphabet. We get Sundays off. I have been playing with the idea to use the Hebrew aleph-bet. Not only would that be ‘original’ – and how I like to be different! – but it would also cut me some slack as the Hebrew aleph-bet only has 22 letters…

It will also be easier because the Hebrew does not have an x!

Of course I would tweak the challenge anyway, writing on Sundays but having Shabbats off. Or, maybe, as typically the Fridays are hectic but Shabbat ends at sundown, I could take the Friday off.

I could theoretically write blogs in advance. But, knowing myself, that will not happen.

I still have a few days to decide. The challenge will start on Tuesday.

So wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “A-Z challenge

  1. Good luck! I’m an old hand at the A-Z challenge as this will be my fourth year. I know you have to write the posts in advance so that there’s time to visit some of the other blogs in the challenge. Not to mention Pesach. But knowing hasn’t translated into doing! Oh well. I’ll muddle through, somehow.

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