Daily prompt: Red pill, blue pill

This morning they came to my door. Strange, hairless creatures with a dark skin. I had been warned they would come. I had hoped they would forget me. I am hoping for impossible things. Maybe they would by mistake delete me from their computer. Maybe my name would get mixed up with somebody else’s. Things like that happen sometimes, don’t they?

But they didn’t this time. The door bell rang. There they stood. Their faces impassive, their eyes forbidding.

“Here are the pills,” the taller one said, in his hand 4 small carton boxes. “You know the rules. They have been uploaded to your phone. From now on you can’t buy any food anymore in any store. 1 blue pill for breakfast, 1 for lunch and the red one is for dinner. They have been adapted to your personal needs. We will bring you a new dose every month.”

I knew all that already. A box a week, 4 boxes a month, twelve visits a year. Next time a white robed creature would accompany these two, to take my vital signs and do a blood test. My medical records would be updated monthly.

Thankfully, they didn’t ask to get inside. No inspection. I thought of my apple, carefully hidden in my cabinet. The last one I would ever eat…


5 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Red pill, blue pill

  1. Needs a *slight* bit of editing, but besides that, Kol HaKavod: I’m hooked! I liked both the opening and closing sentences; they make me want to read more. I liked everything in between, too. Is this the beginning of your book?

    • Thanks, Leah! It could be the beginning of a book. It came out by mistake, I didn’t even like the daily prompt so much (if you would have a choice, would you go for pills or prefer food?). I am definitively going to try to add to it! And when the time for editing will come I will remember you… 🙂 It is not easy to write English, though I speak it every day!

      • I hope you’ll try to develop it! It could be a really cool futuristic science fiction or medical thriller… My first thought, when I saw the title, was of The Matrix, where people had to choose between a red and blue pill. Then I thought of Soylent Green, a famous movie from the early 70s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green). But by the end, I was ready for anything!

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