I’m back!

It is about time I wrote something, I said to myself. I am, after all, a writer.  In his introduction to the book You are a writer (so start acting like one), Jeff Goins says: “Every day, writers fail at one important task: being who they are”. I think that includes me. At least I would like to think that includes me. So, after about 6  months, I want to start writing again. But how to start?

So I did things. I subscribed to Goins blog. It is very encouraging. I registered for the daily promt from WordPress. Every day I receive an idea what to write about. I even found somewhere (I forgot where)  daily writing tips about writing “the better English” (for the insiders: I just saw the musical ‘The King and I’ six times, it rubs off). I don’t always read them. But I can, if I want to.
But the main thing I have to do, I don’t. Or actually, I do. I have been writing half blogs, trials for blogs, possible blogs. They all stayed drafts. I have played around in my head with new topics, new blogs, new books… If only I would have time to write them. If only I would be better at writing them. If only I could do it in such a way, that nobody would know it was me. Or, even, that nobody would read it until it was perfect. Oops, there I said it. The ‘p’ word.
A wise man said: cast your bread upon the water. And I know, I just have to put my fingers on the keyboard. I just have to sit. And write imperfect blogs. So here I am. Expect to hear more from:
Krina, Writer.

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