Towards the end

When I had to choose a username in the Nanowrimo-site, the instructions were to be careful which name you pick. Normally I am not that careful, and I am sure if somebody really wants he or she can find a lot of information on me on the internet. But somehow, that day, I decided to be careful and named myself ‘notyetthere’, to safeguard my anonymity. It is against the rules of positive thinking to call yourself a name like that. Positive thinking is not my strongest point. Optimistic thinking is, which is why I chose a name like that and still believe I am going to be there, in the end, which is a few hours from now. “There” in this case means at the deadline of 50.000 words at the end of November 30th.  Unfortunately for us Nanowrimo’s in Israel, the 30th of November happens to be a Friday. In Israel that is a short day. If you keep shabbat, it means that you will close your computer around 16h (4pm) already, which is a little before sundown. And even if you are less strict, it probably means you have a shabbat meal to prepare or to attend. I keep shabbat (well, more or less but that is another story. In any event I close my computer for shabbat), which means I have less than 4 hours left to write more than 4000 words. Which is why I am writing a blog.  As my friend Jenn has pointed out in her blog, cheating is allowed when you try to get more words for your wordcount. I could just copy this blog, seeing that it is about Nanowrimo anyway, and paste it in my novel :). It would add around 300 words I guess. In fact, I don’t have to guess because WordPress has word count too. I am leaning to the other possibility, which is: stop thinking what would be interesting for the reader. Just write what comes easy. Start a new story. I have been writing a lot about myself this month. All of it I tried to fictionalise, but nonetheless, my story.The war that suddenly happened in the country got immediately incorporated in it too.  To my surprise the fiction happened, as it were in spite of myself. Right now I am hesitating to turn the dark stranger into a terrorist, a lover that she will leave at the end of the story or the love of her life for the journalist I came up with. There is a lot to write about. However, right now I don’t have time to think about it. Right now I need approximately 4000 words. And at 15.55h I just might be tempted to add this blog… 451 words!


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