A bus(y) life

This morning I wrote a blog in the bus to work.

I use public transport to get to work. It takes between half an hour to one hour from bus stop to bus stop, without counting the time I wait for the bus to come (could be any amount of time) or the time from my door to the bus stop (about 5 minutes), or the time from the bus stop to my desk (depending on the route, on the people I meet on the way, and the weather). If the bus is not too full, and I have a seat, and the radio isn’t blearing too hard, and my neighbors are not talking too loud on their mobile phone, I mostly enjoy the ride. I use the time to think, to look around, or simply to stare. Since Nanowrimo I discovered that I like to write during the bus ride. I could write on my netbook, I have done it before, but it is a hassle to get it out and get it back in its case. And there is always the fear something could happen to it. So I write on my iPod Touch. It works. It may not be good for my thumb muscles. Or other muscles in that region. But I get some writing done. Mostly blog stuff, that I revise later. Sometimes a little Nano stuff.  Nowadays I am really counting on those few minutes of concentration. So last Thursday, the fateful 1st of November, I was all ready to start writing. Then this friendly lady that I knew long ago said hello to me, sat next to me the whole trip and kept talking. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to meet her or talk to her. But she stole my precious writing time (as she will probably do again today… It is Thursday again).

The funny thing is, I write mainly on the way back. In the morning, I stare. And think. And maybe read something. 

So this morning, going to work, I wrote this blog. Only, I wrote it in my head. It was a good blog, I thought. I put some links in to other blogs. I had some nice thoughts. Then,I arrived at work. My desk was full. My inbox was full of questions. I worked quite hard, most of the time. And the blog? I am afraid it got lost. It retreated to the recesses of my mind. I’ll have to write another one. In the bus. On the way back. 


2 thoughts on “A bus(y) life

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