While the world is busy with important things like the disaster storm in the US (I don’t know why anybody would want to call it a ‘super’storm) and the elections in the US, and here in Israel the upcoming elections in January, I withdraw into myself. Writing a book is something I have always wanted, vaguely, but never tried before. While I have written blogs with relative ease, it feels different when it is supposed to be a book that is supposed to interest other people. But it so far, it is an absorbing occupation. This morning, when my husband asked “where is the sandwich you prepared for me?”, I looked at him uncomprehendingly for a full minute before I understood what he was talking about and how I had offered and subsequently completely forgotten about making him a sandwich. I was in my own world.

Yesterday I decided, in a blogpost, to write in the English language, as it seemed the best thing to do. But somehow, when I started to write, it came out Dutch…! I am sorry, readers. But there is always Google Translate 🙂
My subconscious apparently knows best.

One thought on “Writing

  1. This post was previously written in my multiply blog. Since I don’t understand how to upload the whole blog here in WordPress, I will just upload them eventually one by one in the course of the month. Multiply will cease hosting blogs from Dec.1.

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