Towards the end

When I had to choose a username in the Nanowrimo-site, the instructions were to be careful which name you pick. Normally I am not that careful, and I am sure if somebody really wants he or she can find a lot of information on me on the internet. But somehow, that day, I decided to […]

A bus(y) life

This morning I wrote a blog in the bus to work. I use public transport to get to work. It takes between half an hour to one hour from bus stop to bus stop, without counting the time I wait for the bus to come (could be any amount of time) or the time from […]


While the world is busy with important things like the disaster storm in the US (I don’t know why anybody would want to call it a ‘super’storm) and the elections in the US, and here in Israel the upcoming elections in January, I withdraw into myself. Writing a book is something I have always wanted, […]