Instead of pictures

In order to celebrate the new year, we had friends over. Our table was nicely set. There were candles. There was a white table cloth. There was a beautiful honey bowl, that I just got from friends. There were self-baked, round challot. There were apples, and pomegranates, and other symbolic foods in our most beautiful […]

Happy new year!

  Here in Israel we just celebrated the Jewish new year. Year 5775 is off to a good start with two days of rest and celebration and a Shabbat to top it off. Having three consecutive days of rest is wonderful. Hearing less traffic from our window is a blessing, and the return to normal […]


Write for twenty minutes,  was the task for today. Try to put on paper (or via my cellphone on cyberspace) a stream of consciousness – I think that was the term, and I can’t look it up so as not to break my train of thought. So I have been waiting this whole day for […]